About Candle Journey

Your Candle Journey

Are you ready to upgrade to the authentic Candle Journey experience?  All of our candles are:  💛 Crafted with better ingredients 😊 Beautifully aromatic  🐶 Cruelty free 🌱 Vegan ❤️ Always hand poured with Love 


❤ WHERE YOU ARE FROM - think hometown / home state / home country 
❤ WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN - think of special place you visited 
❤ WHERE YOU WANT TO GO - think of special place you want to visit 

This is Your Candle Journey
Together We Light The Way 

the texas candle the florida candle

The Scents of Life!   As we live, travel and explore we make memories, love and enjoy beautiful moments and feelings. Our wonderful candles are all preciously scented with the scent the region reflects.  Love Texas?  Then get yourself The Texas Candle and enjoy the scent of Sandalwood and Jasmine.  Love Florida? Then get yourself The Florida Candle and enjoy the scent of Orange Blossoms.  You get the idea.  

Also worth nothing, all our beautiful candles are handmade from the finest sustainable ingredients and are crafted from a 🥥Coconut and 🌱 Soy wax blend. 

Sharing is Caring

Since Candles are the "new postcards" of life's experiences, be sure to share your favorite scents with someone you care about today.   

The Environment 

You deserve to feel wonderful when purchasing a Candle Journey candle because you are helping to improve our planets environment. We have made a commitment to donate a portion of every sale to worthy 🌎 Environmental Causes.  

The Last Word 

We are brand new! And as of this writing we offer three wonderful candles for those who want to be closer to or share their love for: California, Florida and Texas. We have more states coming soon! 

One of our goals is to be able to offer "The Official Candle" for each State and Country around the world.   

All Candle Journey, Candles are:

💛 Made with Love
💛 Crafted With Premium Ingredients
💛 Cruelty Free
💛 Soot-less
💛 Sustainable - Plant Sourced Wax
💛 Vegan
💛 No Parabens
💛 No Black Smoke
💛 Portion of Every Purchase Goes to Help the Environment!